2016 British Speed Climbing Championships on 24-25 September

This competition takes place at Awesome Walls, Sheffield on 24-25 September.

Britain’s best climbers will battle it out on the super steep walls of Awesome Walls Sheffield, all vying for the title of British Lead Climbing Champion. The fastest climbers in the land will be on the speed wall, fighting for the chance to become Britain’s Speed Climbing Champion.

This event will also host the IFSC Paraclimbing Cup, where paraclimbers from all over the world will be coming to compete along side the climbers competing in the BLCC & BSCC. This will be a great opportunity to see some of the best paraclimbers in the world in action and cheer on the GB Paraclimbing Team whilst they are competing on home turf!

The Junior and Vets categories of the British Lead Climbing Championships (BLCC) will take place on Saturday 24 September, with the Seniors on Sunday 25 September.

The British Speed Climbing Championships (BSCC) will run on Sunday 25 September with the Juniors competing in between Senior BLCC qualification and the final. The Seniors compete in the afternoon once the Senior BLCC finals have concluded.


Don’t forget, you can compete in both lead and speed competitions if you wish.

The reigning (2015) British Lead Climbing Champions are:

Junior categories

Female Junior

1. Molly Thompson-Smith   2. Phoebe Nelson  3. Flo Tilley

Male Junior

1. Connor Byrne   2. Billy Ridal   3. Alex Waterhouse

Female A

1. Rebecca Kinghorn   2. Jo Neame   3. Imogen Horrocks

Male A

1. Jim Pope   2. Peter Dawson   3. William Bosi

Female B

1. Isabelle Adams   2. Pippa Watkin   3. Catrin Rose

Male B

1. Kieran Forrest   2. Serverin Domela   3. Joe Czubkowski

Female C

1. Emily Phillips  2. Megan Wyatt  3. Hannah Smith

Male C

1. Hamish McArthur   2. Finley Wood   3. James Bateman

Female Veteran

1. Joanna Goorney   2. Vicky Askew  3. Phyllis Ryan

Male Veteran

1. Eddie Cooper   2. Chris Forrest   3. Nick Colton

Senior categories

Female Senior

1. Molly Thompson-Smith   2. Lucy Mitchell   3. Jen Wood

Male Senior

1. Jim Pope   2. William Bosi    3. Dave Barrans

British Speed Climbing Championships

Female Junior

1. Emily Phillips   2. Pippa Watkin  3. Katherine McDougall

Junior Male

1. Aiden Dunne   2. Joe Czubkowski

Female Senior

1. Flo Tilley   2. Natalie Berry   3. Sarah Pashley

Male Senior

1. Alex Waterhouse   2. Billy Ridal   3. Alex Bosi


This year we will again be using IFSC youth age categories with the addition of a Youth C category. So the ages for the youth categories are as follows:-

Youth C – must be born in 2003 or 2004

Youth B – must be born in 2002 or 2001

Youth A – must be born in 2000 or 1999

Juniors – must be born in 1998 or 1997

Senior entrants must be born between 2000 to 1972 (inclusive).

Veterans must be born in 1971 or earlier.

If you are born in 1998 or 1997 you have the choice of competing in either the Junior or Senior  categories of the event or both if you want.

If you are born in 2000 or 1999 you have the choice of competing in either the Youth A or Senior  categories of the event or both if you want.

The speed event will be run on a Junior (born 1999-2004) and Senior (born 1998 or earlier) set of categories, there will be no IFSC categories in this event.

• 08:00 – Registration and warm up open.
• 09:00 – Registration closes.
• 09:30 – Climbing starts.
• Climbers arriving late may NOT be able to climb.

• Senior competitors: £25.00
• Junior competitors: £20.00
• Both senior and junior: £30.00


By entering the lead event you are automatically eligible for entry to the speed event.

• Senior Female & Male: 1st = £500 / 2nd = £250 / 3rd = £125
• Youth C, B, A Juniors and Vets will receive medals and trophies.
• Junior and Senior Speed Climbers will receive medals and trophies.

• Please complete and submit the online entry form by 12pm on Thursday 22 September 2016. Online entries will close on this date, but on the day entries will be accepted.
• Only online applications will be accepted, no postal entries. On the day entries will be available, but you must enter by 0830.
• All competitors must be a BMC, MCS or MCI member.
• Parental consent must be given for any competitor aged 12 to 17 years on the day of the event.
• All applicants will receive an email confirming receipt of their application. They will then receive a further e-mail containing full event information two days before the event.

Please note that emails do not always reach their destination, it is therefore your responsibility to contact the BMC if email notification has not been received by Friday 3rd October.

Competition Format


The BLCC uses the same format as the European Youth Series; two routes are climbed by all competitors during the qualification rounds; these are climbed ‘flash’, which means that the routes are demonstrated by the routesetters and the competitors watch the demo and then watch each other climb. The climbing order is changed for the second route to maintain fairness. The climbers who qualify through to the final are put into an isolation zone and the final routes are climbed on-sight.

The basis for ‘scoring’ in the BLCC (and other leading competitions) is fairly simple. The higher up the route the more ‘points’ you gain. Each hold is assigned a score or number. If you hold this hold (e.g. hold 25) you get ’25’. If you make progress towards the next hold (but don’t touch it) you get ’25+’. The actual ranking for the qualification round is a bit more complicated though, with square roots of the multiple of the ranking from each qualification coming into play.

Time does not have a bearing on the score but there is always a maximum time given by the chief judge in which the climbers must complete the route. If the climber is still climbing when this time period has elapsed (normally 6-8 minutes), they will be asked to stop climbing and their score will be taken from the highest point they reached at the end of the stated time period.


Speed competitions shall be carried out on two parallel routes of identical length, profile, design and difficulty (Records Format). The routes are demonstrated by the national route setters, there will be no isolation for these routes. All routes shall be climbed with the competitor secured by top-rope, belayed from below.

Each competitor will climb both routes in qualification and only one route in the final rounds. The fastest time from either of the two routes will count towards final qualification.Both routes are climbed simultaneously and the competitors shall always climb in pairs. When a competitor has finished his/her attempt on one route, he/she is added at the end of the starting list of the other route.The starting order for the first qualifying route is random.

The final round shall take place as a series of knock-out heats, decided by the climbing time on the route in qualification. The final round may thus consist of the following stages: an eighth final, a quarter final and always a semifinal and a final – the number of stages in the final is determined by the number of competitors qualifying.

There is no qualification process to gain entry into the BLCC or the BSCC and the competition is open to anyone. You’ve got to be in it to win it, so enter online now. The Juniors categories (born 1996-2003) and Veterans (born 1970 or earlier) will compete on the Saturday, with the Seniors (born 1997 – 1970) climbing on the Sunday. With all the BSCC competitors competing on Sunday. We look forward to welcoming new and established competitors.

Tutti Bambini 3 Bears Shelf Changer

On the day entries will be accepted but all entries must be registered by 0830.


Paraclimbing Format

On Saturday all the international competitors will climb two qualifying routes on top rope which are demonstrated by the national route setters, there will be no isolation for these routes. The starting order for the first qualifying route is random. Then the starting order for the second qualifier is the same as the first but staggered halfway. E.G. If there are 20 competitors in the category, number 11 will climb first on the second qualifier.

Finals will take place on the Sunday. All finalists will be held in an isolation zone. There will be a six minute observation of the final route, and then the finals are climbed on-sight.

Official timetable to be confirmed.

The ropes are provided by Mammut as the official supplier of ropes to BMC climbing competitions. The prizes will be provided by the BMC and DMM as the official supplier of climbing gear to BMC climbing competitions. The competition vests will be provided by Five Finger Thing.

The GB Climbing Team is supported by the BMC and Berghaus, and the GB Paraclimbing Team is supported by Birchall Blackburn Law

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