5 Ways To Get Better At Skateboarding

Like most beginner skateboards, you want to get better skateboarding.

The more interesting skateboarding venue will work with you when you have the skill. Even if you do not have a lot of skill, this is a great feeling when you ride skateboarding to the maximum extent possible.

In this article, you will learn 5 quick success methods to improve your skills and you can have more fun while skating!


1. Skate More, Practice Every Day

This seems simple, but if you really want to improve, practice is a must. This does not just mean practicing and skating. The sooner you are the sooner you will see success. It’s that simple.

If the skateboard is important to you, treat it as such. Stop spending your time doing a lot of things, leaving only a small amount of time to play skateboarding. Making it a priority skating.

2. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

You can’t be afraid to fall or hurt yourself. If it happens, then deal with it, but don’t worry about it. Worry only leads to more worry. Just skate , be safe, and have fun.

One of the worst habits you can have as a skater is being scared. This turns into “chickenfoot”, which means you chicken-out, kicking the board away, instead of committing to landing your trick.

As a skateboarder, you must develop courage to step outside your comfort zone. Learn how to conquer fear and skateboarding becomes even more enjoyable.

Crooked Grind II

3. Skate With Better Skateboarders

Skating Skilled Skateboarding is a great hacker in skateboarding getting better and better.

This is the fact that you become like the people around you. If you let yourself in the player better than you, almost sure you will become a better skater.

Followed by skateboarding video. Watch your favorite pro and study how they skate. You can also slow down the frame to learn some techniques. Some professional players do this at the beginning.

4. Study and Critique Yourself

Another really great way to improve your skateboarding skills, is by watching yourself on video to see from a third-person perspective. This gives you the chance to critique yourself, see what you’re doing wrong, and what you have to change to get it right.

5. See Yourself Successful

Imagine yourself successfully executing your trick. This takes many times until you really believe you can do it. Now, when you try the trick, you do so with confidence and look forward to success.

If you find this article useful, pass it to your friends. Better your friends get skateboarding, and better you’re playing skateboarding. If there are any suggestions you have to add, make it under the comment box.



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