A bungee jump in Soweto

Orlando Towers in Soweto, near Johannesbury, in the province of Gauteng, South Africa has something for everyone.

If you just can’t bring yourself to jump off a small platform with nothing more than elastic tied around your ankles, then you can power swing or SCAD freefall.  Perhaps you’d prefer to Rap Jump or rock climb? If you think any or all of these aren’t challenging enough – you can BASE jump. Or you could just go and watch other people stepping over the edge… it’s your choice.

Orlando Power Station is a decommissioned coal fired power station which was completed in 1953 and went out of service in 1998. In 2006 work began to turn the two buildings into an entertainment and business centre and in July 2008 the Towers opened for business as a unique vertical adventure centre.

Both towers are now painted, one functioning as an advertising billboard and the other shows off the largest mural painting in South Africa. A platform strung between the top of the two towers operates as the platform where you can either bungee jump or bungee swing from. There is also a swing into one of the Towers.

Orlando Towers Power Station Bungee Jump

Orlando Towers

Who would have thought you could turn such monstrosities into something of beauty! The murals were commissioned by First National Bank whose logo is on the one tower. The other tower shows a plethora of well-loved faces and famous landmarks. It has become iconic – representing not only Soweto, but also Johannesburg and Gauteng.

The bungee is 96m – as good as 100… so if you’re heading down to South Africa then this one is a must and can be tied in with all sorts of other things like the Big Five Marathon for example!!

The Soweto bungy jump