Another great bungee jump – Solkan Bridge, Slovenia

Not to be sniffed at this one… the Solkan Bridge has is a whopping 180 ft high (55m) which means a lot of fresh air between you and the end of the elastic!

Solkan Bridge

The bridge spans the Soča River near Nova Gorica in western Slovenia. It has an arch span of 85 metres (279 ft) and is the second-longest stone bridge in the world and the longest stone bridge to bear the weight of trains.

It’s a wonderful site. The river is famed for its emerald green water. In fact, it is said to be one of the rare rivers in the world that retain such a colour throughout their length. Not surprisingly there are several ‘extreme’ things you can do on the Soča river besides bungee jumping. Canyoning, white water rafting and kayaking. Paragliding, rock and ice climbing and something that they call hydrospeed which looks a whole lot of fun. Basically it’s body-boarding or river bobbing down the rapids.

Here’s a quick look at some of the canyoning on offer:

I love the look of those waterfall chutes!

Climbing courses are offered too and these are particularly useful for those wanting to go canyoning as some of the routes are difficult to get to.

And of course there is cycling. Slovenia is spectacularly beautiful with wonderful unspoiled villages and views, routes and paths.

In fact Slovenia has the makings of an extreme sports’ enthusiast’s dream location. Looking for somewhere different for your Summer holiday? This would be an interesting option!