The art of rock climbing

The previous route seems impossible. The route requires intense action that you are not prepared for. Have more than you have ever seen, and even think of the eyebrows to make your fingers bleeding.

You can send all the novice, novice the route, no problem. Simple is too easy, but it looks too hard.

The first step is a simple shock to an easy-to-grab save that you can use for your sleep. The next step takes a little power, but your body resembles the muscles of the resort, while you pull with your right hand. Fast and smooth but you lift your feet directly below you two footholds.

It is much easier to finish this climb than you think. Standing on the ground looking up at the intense mashup of the green stone is a completely different game.

Now is the key. This kind of strong action requires you to reposition your entire body. You have to swing your weight from the left to pull, while reaching the right of Gaston.

You drop immediately. Still high determination, you jump up and try again, only to reach the same movement and fall on until you are tired of the physical and mental fatigue. It’s time to call it a day.

You come back day after day, still no success, but you can feel a bit strong. But with the passage of time, it is impossible to move more and more likely to start.

Week through it is still the same drill, but one day you go directly on the wall and continue the same path you do one million times, except that this time is different.

The initial shock is also easy, the second flies before you have time to ponder, you swing your body and self-locking to Gaston with all your possibilities.

Your heart beats in your chest, you have finished the hardest move but now is not the time to celebrate. You have to go on the wall.

From here on, the route is a piece of cake that you succeed in ending on pebbles.

You are excited to radiate the entire gym and contagious smile is on behalf of all the hard work and dedication you put.

Not only have you finished climbing, proving yourself, you can set goals and work for them. You do something that you think can not work hard by working hard and positive.

Life is full of thousands of small trips. Enjoy them, take them, really appreciate their true colors, but the most important thing is to note how they can help you grow into an independent individual.

Each rock is a battle. Each crack is a goal. Each move is an adventure. Each climb is a victory.