Base-jumping Into Bristol’s Bearpit & From The Roof Of The Premier Inn

It has to be noticed that four people leaped off the roof of the Premier Inn and into Bristol’s Bearpit in a base-jumping extravaganza.

And they jumped from the roof of the Premier Inn, one of Bristol’s tallest buildings before parachuting into the city centre underpass.

Base-jumping Into Bristol's Bearpit & From The Roof Of The Premier InnPasser-by Arthur Buxton posted the video on Facebook after seeing the men drop in after he was walking home from the pub.

The base-jumpers had backed up the ground and made a quick exit after packing up the parachutes.

He wrote: “Just witnessed four guys base jump from the Premier Inn straight down into the Bearpit – caught the last one,” he said.

“They ran for it straight afterwards, to the pub I hope.”