Freediving Explained

FDEx- A Manual of FreedivingFreediving Explained is the world’s largest and most comprehensive FREE online freediving manual. Here you will find everything you want to know about freediving, from explanations about the various pieces of equipment used in freediving, freediving physiology and philosophy and breathholding techniques to various freediving training methods. Use the menu at the right hand side of […]

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Overcome the Fear of Having Water in Your Scuba Mask


How to overcome fear in the water? Overcoming the fear of water in your dive Mask is not always calm and underwater control. I still remember my first reaction to the mask flood skills open waterway: horror. “Why should I deliberately pour water into my mask?” I asked my dive coach. Sounds crazy. My teacher explained that this skill has […]

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Freediving Wetsuit Basics to Know Before You Buy


Freedivers use wetsuits for two reasons. The first and most obvious reason is that wetsuits keep divers warm underwater. However, wetsuits also help with a freediver’s buoyancy. • Temperature: Concentration is essential in freediving. Being cold can break both the diver’s concentration and his motivation. Selecting the appropriate wetsuit is particularly important in freediving. Basically, the colder the water, the […]

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Blood Shift and the Spleen Effect in Freediving

Freediver is waiting for someone in the depth

The mammalian dive reflex is a physiological response to diving. Mammalian Dive Reflex Basics describes two important aspects of the reflex observed in freedivers: bradycardia, the slowing of the heart rate; and vasoconstriction, the narrowing of the arteries to reduce blood flow. These responses are triggered by submersion in water. The mammalian dive reflex includes two other adaptations, blood shift […]

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Shallow Water Black Out and Freediving

Ascenting from the depth by breaststroke

Freediving is an exhilarating and enjoyable sport. However, like all adventure sports, freediving has risks when performed improperly. One of the risks of freediving is shallow water black out. Blacking Out While Freediving Losing consciousness underwater is one of the biggest risks of the year. That year became the implementation of incorrect, divers risk coatings due to hypoxia, or low […]

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3 Types of Cross-Training for Every Freediver


Exercises That Improve Your Freediving Have you noticed that most top freedivers are in good physical condition? The sport is very harsh and in shape helps to maintain a good performance. Dry breath maintenance training can help freedivers improve their dive time, but good at exercising and need more than simple breathing. The most serious freedivers are also involved in […]

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These Freediving Training That You Can Do At Home


Freediving, like all sports, requires training to improve. Most freedivers are not easy to achieve, but fortunately there are a few freedivers that can be used to train their physical and mental comfort without needing water. This article discusses the training held in breath holding to improve the tolerance of carbon dioxide and hypoxia, but keep in mind that there […]

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Everything You Need To Know about Freediving


Divers find interesting new ways to explore the underwater world, challenge themselves, or simply increase the diving skills that may be of interest to learning more and more popular sport of free diving. The Challenge of Freediving During diving, snorkeling and year-to-day approaches to exploring underwater worlds, diverters from divers usually have different goals. Frequent diving scuba diving, calm observation […]

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Different Types Freediving Equipment


One of the biggest differences between diving and the year became equipment.Needs diving equipment includes a mask, fins, regulators, buoyancy compensators and a tank. The year became no need for any equipment. A diver’s lungs are the equipment he needs to dive. Although there is no mandatory device for the year, the holder can choose to use several pieces of […]

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