Skydiving Will Make You Dive Into Life and Change the attitude of life


Skydiving has always been seen as an abominable activity. For a variety of reasons skydiving people do so. Some as hobbies, to relieve stress. Maybe you’ve considered skydiving, but not sure if you should do it. Although “Crazy” looks like jumping out of the plane with only one parachute, parachuting may not be as horrible as you would imagine and […]

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Skydiving Tips – How to Skydive for the First Time


Do you have fear of heights? Then how should you first parachute? But the fact is: Although your palm will sweat, you may be ready to jump now. At least that’s what Russell Goldman seems to be thinking. The owner of the World Parachuting Center at the race, Wisconsin, Goldman Sachs claimed he could have most people train and prepare […]

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