Honda Likens Its Engineering to a Thrilling Rock Climb in This Eye-Popping Civic Ad

Rock Climbing

New Honda Civic is not just a car This is a gorgeous towering sandstone formation. At least, bold engineering, into the design similar to the hand climbing is a huge cliff, promised a new British ad from Wieden + Kennedy London. Young woman-British climber Imogan Horrocks-starts ladder rock surface, quickly from moderately reasonable choice before jumping ascension continues to expand […]

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Rock Climbing for Beginners

After a recent rock climbing trip to Vedauwoo, Wyoming (pronounced vee-da-voo), it still hurts to get into a hot shower, a real consequence to shuffling around this granite crack climbing mecca of southern Wyoming. There is truth to the rumors about the blue-collar style of climbing at the “Voo”, meaning there is no fancy way around the job other then […]

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How to Get Started in Rock Climbing

You’ve seen the pictures, heard the stories, watched the tantalizing footage in a movie or TV show. But then you look around and nobody seems to know any climbers, and you haven’t a clue about where to begin. Years ago, rock climbers started out as hikers and mountain climbers. Technical rock climbing was a natural extension for them. Today, lots […]

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A message to rock climbers: Be kind to nature

rock climbers

Millions of people had a rock climbing movement, a cliff face was a challenge, a vertical puzzle solved only the right hand and foot position. Carefully observed that these cracks, cracks also provide hand and foothold to provide housing for a variety of plants, invertebrates and other easily overlooked species. People involved in outdoor sports like rock climbing may not […]

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