Extreme Sport : Wingsuit flying, the World Most Exhilarating and Dangerous Sport

Wingsuit flying

Have you heard Wingsuit flying? It’s described as the world most exhilarating and dangerous Sport. But after the sport’s most deadly summer, during which there has been almost two dozen deaths in three months – the vast majority in the Alps, where flying is legal – participants have begun asking why wingsuit flying has suddenly turned so lethal. It has not only […]

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Tell You the Reason Why the Deadly Extreme Sports are More Popular than Ever

Do you know why are the deadly extreme sports more popular than ever? Here are the answer. Zanon and Dickinson are two of the best, however. Using the flaps of cloth that join their arms and legs, they skim expertly past cliff edges and between trees at more than 110mph. After less than a minute they release their parachutes and […]

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2016 British Speed Climbing Championships on 24-25 September

This competition takes place at Awesome Walls, Sheffield on 24-25 September. Britain’s best climbers will battle it out on the super steep walls of Awesome Walls Sheffield, all vying for the title of British Lead Climbing Champion. The fastest climbers in the land will be on the speed wall, fighting for the chance to become Britain’s Speed Climbing Champion. This event […]

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Have you ever imagine that you would take selfies on the top of the Hong Kong skyscraper? This trio of young fellows scrambled to the top of one of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers—armed with both a selfie stick and DSLR camera. Thanks to their diligent videography, we’re along for the vertigo-inducing ride. They’re on the spire of The Centre, Hong Kong’s […]

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Jacob Duran Has the Potential to Save A Fighter’s Career

“Don’t you worry about a thing. I’m going to have you leaving this fight as handsome as you arrived.”, the cutman alwyas delivers this message to the fighter. Duran’s introduction to combat sports came after visiting Thailand with the military as a young man. He watched Thai boxers and was mesmerised by the speed of their hands and feet. He […]

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the great wall

The Great Wall in China is lies underwater. In 1977, the Chinese government flooded the valley to create the Panjiakou Reservoir. Prior to the flooding, the village was evacuated and the buildings all destroyed but The Wall and a tower still remain. The villagers were moved up the mountainsides and are now fish farmers. One family, whose ancestral home lay […]

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‘I despise that term. I’m not a cage fighter. I’m a martial artist’ – Michael Bisping

Bisping has forgotten a lot of what went on. But some things have stuck, like a conversation he had with his boss, Mick. “Michael, you’re an intelligent man, what are you going to do with your life?” Mick asked him one day. Bisping didn’t have a ready answer. “Well you should think about it,” Mick said. “Or do you want […]

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Conor McGregor struted on stage to show UFC needs him more than ever

After the disaster of losing Jon Jones, the sport’s greatest fighter and the face of UFC 200 to a failed drug test late Wednesday night, he could at least present his greatest sellable asset: McGregor with a microphone. So there UFC president Dana White stood Thursday afternoon, with Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz finally back in his grasp, inside the […]

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