extreme sports can make you adds emotional feeling alive

It starts off with a 2.4-mile swim. The next phase is a 112-mile bike ride. If that’s not enough, the final leg of the race is a 26.2-mile run — a full marathon. It’s a triathlon — and the most famous one is known as the Ironman. Why normal people to do these look very painful?

jumping out of airplanes is veiy surprising

“There’s an innate characteristic in some people,” says Justin Anderson, PsyD, a sports consultant for the Center for Sports Psychology in Denton, Texas. “Some people are turned on by that stuff; They tend to this kind of activity can make them get a lot of adrenaline. For some it’s jumping out of airplanes, for others it’s climbing Mt. Everest, and for others, it’s the Ironman. When they found after motion is not that kind of feeling bad.”
What is their motivation, and why do people keep pushing the envelope to more extremes, never feeling satisfied with their last conquest? Why do we need to peek others do extreme sports on TV rather than play yourself? And Why do we have to look at other athletes to take the risk to find the fun? Experts, along with an Ironman who’s in training for his third competition, give WebMD the science behind the rush.


The Motivation of Marathoners


What can let yourself beyond the limit, when the rest of us are sitting comfortably on our couch? Their motivation is to achieve their goals.

“Researchers [have] found that the primary difference between the elite and the nonelite triathlete was that The key lies in whether they clear their goals, and competition was the second factor,” says Lester Mayers, MD, director of sports medicine at Pace University in Pleasantville, N.Y.
The Motivation of Marathoners is achieve their goals

The goal, Whether it is crossing the finish line or to one of the world’s most peak, In small groups of people have realized the competition advantage. It’s also knowing that you are one of very few who have dared to dream — and achieved that dream .

“It’s a sense of identity,” says Mayers. “The triathlon is not a sport that is crammed full of people. There are only a handful of people who have the ability to train for and accomplish this feat.”

Take part in the sports may bring you money, reputation, honor, and it is the most important thing is health.

“Skiing down from the top of a mountain where a helicopter drops you off alone, or jumping out of planes, I think it important to their identity, because they think they can win their respect, Mayers tells WebMD. “Caring for athletes as I do, my own personal opinion is that the most important desire they have is for respect.”


The Adrenaline Factor


When it comes to extreme sports, the adrenaline factor likely plays a role in explaining why athletes reach for the outer limits as well.

When the adrenal gland is stimulated through an activity that causes stress on the body, and certainly extreme sports, an “adrenaline rush” occurs .such as backcountry snowboarding and bungee jumping, fall into the category of causing stress. According to the University of Maryland Endocrinology Health Guide, the stimulation of the adrenal gland releases a number of hormones, including epinephrine, or adrenaline. This increases the heart rate and the force of heart contractions, facilitates blood flow to the muscles and brain, causes relaxation of smooth muscles, and helps with the conversion of glycogen to glucose in the liver. For extreme athletes, Adrenaline can’t often exists, because it just a feeling.

The Adrenaline Factor will appear When you comes to extreme sports

“Many athletes extreme reaction, they are looking for in a hurry,” says Anderson. “They are also looking for suitable for their life.”

It’s a feeling that can’t be duplicated in any other activity, and for many, explains Anderson, it’s a true sense of feeling alive.

“Epinephrine athlete adds emotional feeling alive,” Anderson tells WebMD. “All of your senses are you to the moment of consciousness, the athletes that are in the challenge the limits of life and death, and this is a very original.”


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