G-Rock Climbing is reaching new heights

If you’ve never climbed, you can not fall down and have no fun living your whole life on the ground. G-Rock climbed to Shreveport to take the news to a new level.

Palo Gonzalez, “Climbing is a very interesting sport that has become the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

You do not have to wait for the Olympic Games to enter all the fun, because G-Rock to climb something.

Gonzalez: “We have a lot of terrain here. The space does not look big, but we have more than 5,000 feet of terrain to climb. We have a little bit of each one. In the middle, we have advanced beginner terrain, bouldering The back wall, and the top rope climbing tower III.

At first it seemed daunting, but believing that I was climbing was trying to try again.

Gonzalez, “Learning the bouldering movement is important.You do not drop the top rope because you use it, but during the bouldering movement you will force yourself every time.

Matt Edwards “Quantities For beginners, the one thing I noticed is that there is some fear. Once you know we have great employees, you know how to hold the cliffs off and then you know that when you fall you will be safe That ‘s what you get through the initial fear.

Either physically, emotionally or mentally you go to the edge, the edge expands.

Edward, “It’s dynamic fast-paced you use a lot of your forearms and muscles than you think of your legs.But it’s a full body workout but not only that your mind works when you lift weights. , You have to figure out where my feet go where my hand is doing here turning the work from the toes to your.

So there are many goals in life to succeed, to a large extent decided to hang in someone else after giving up.