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Want to take part in a mountain challenge event and respect the environment? Whether you’re taking part or organising an event, check out our new booklet which provides practical advice on organising and minimising the impact of challenge events.

The hills and mountains of the UK offer challenge, adventure, spectacle and the opportunity to test yourself in a tough environment. It’s no surprise that they attract many people, sometimes in large groups as part of a challenge event.

Recent years have seen an increase in the numbers of people experiencing the hills as part of bigger groups. These groups can be taking part in organised challenge events, or simply informal collections of people walking in the hills as part of coach trips or community days out.

Many of these events are hugely rewarding, offering the opportunity to overcome a challenge, raise money for charity or simply have fun with like-minded people. Yet, if poorly organised, these events can have an adverse impact on the mountain environment, local communities and other hill users.

Raising money for one charity is great, but what if another has to pick up the pieces? Luckily, a bit of planning and foresight can go a long way to ensure the impact of your group or event is as low as possible. This booklet aims to give the information you need to plan a walking challenge event while staying safe, minimising the impact on the environment and making sure you leave no trace.

The booklet provides practical advice on a number of common issues and how to avoid them, breaking down the planning process into four stages with advice for each: research, planning, on the day and after the event.

Useful advice is also included throughout the booklet from BMC volunteers who are directly involved with helping to organise and manage challenge events for some real-world case studies and anecdotes.

It’s aimed at any person or organisation planning a challenge event, regardless of their previous experience.

DOWNLOAD: The Green Guide for Challenge Events in the Hills

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