The Great Wall in China is lies underwater.

the great wall

In 1977, the Chinese government flooded the valley to create the Panjiakou Reservoir. Prior to the flooding, the village was evacuated and the buildings all destroyed but The Wall and a tower still remain. The villagers were moved up the mountainsides and are now fish farmers. One family, whose ancestral home lay at the bottom of the dam, now runs a floating restaurant and a small hotel at the spot where the Wall plunges into the lake.

It is a technical dive, not suitable for beginners. The water depth changes throughout and the dive is at the edge of “recreational” diving: 30 meters deep plus or minus. The Wall lies under five meters of silt and is cloaked in absolute blackness and cold. However divers are rewarded with a tower of multiple rooms to swim through and to experience this iconic structure in a very different way.

the great wall


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