Honda Likens Its Engineering to a Thrilling Rock Climb in This Eye-Popping Civic Ad

New Honda Civic is not just a car This is a gorgeous towering sandstone formation. At least, bold engineering, into the design similar to the hand climbing is a huge cliff, promised a new British ad from Wieden + Kennedy London.

Young woman-British climber Imogan Horrocks-starts ladder rock surface, quickly from moderately reasonable choice before jumping ascension continues to expand without ropes or other equipment in a bouncing person.


The metaphor here is that the new Civic is more than a mere iteration of the old one. Or as Honda says, “it is truly distinctive from it’s predecessors, inside and out.”

The real joys of the ad, though, are the stunning visuals, with soaring natural landscapes and vertigo-inducing drops—even if the obvious green-screening renders the hero’s near-death moments and dangling feet less dramatic than the ad’s creators might like.

In other words, what the 1:30 ad lacks in emotional and informational heft, it makes up for with eye candy. (The director was Pedro Martín-Calero of Colonel Blimp.)

And it has a timely rollout, too. Just this past weekend, American teenager Margo Hayes, 19, became the first woman to scale a 5.15 route, the toughest in rock climbing. If they’re smart, Honda should give her a Civic.