Indoor winter skateboarding becomes a reality

Since last December, the Upper Community Skateboarding Athletic Association (SCSA) has hosted the Indoor Skateboarding Searchmont Community Center, now affectionately known as the “Searchmont Ice Skating Shelter.”

By tide recording, the public invites to hone their skills in a warm, dry, well-lit environment every Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm

“Like every winter, skateboards just want to skate because they like to do it, but there is no real space,” said Travis McCormack, president of SCSA.

Prior to the weekly event, the organization conducted a test pilot’s session to determine the impact of community center skateboards on the floor. Then develop a trading floor that will rent SCSA every Sunday in the spring, provided that the association will be repainted on the floor.

“The community is thrilled because they get a nice new painting floor, community centers get more use,” McCormack said. “One goal is to participate in the community and provide entertainment, so it is consistent with the organization’s goals.”

Because of the nature of space, most participants practice flat skateboarding. But the user is invited to DIY into temporary skateboard space to bring their own rails or boxes as long as they are at the end of the day.

McCormack advised those who wanted to attend but could not transport them using the Searchmont Resort bus shuttle service and venue.

“If everything goes well, we need to paint the floor, I do not understand why we will not continue the next winter,” he said. “The idea is to collect data and Searchmont to look at it, and there may be more than one location or one waterfall in addition to Searchmont.”

“Working as a skateboarding venue in the city, they can not help us with this scenario, but we look at the bigger picture and try to do some bigger, better and easier waterfall.” It’s kind of like a test. ”

To raise awareness of the weekly skating sessions, which lasted until March, SCSA was hosting Searchmont Skate-a-polooza on Saturday, February 4.

Free skates, skateboarding, mini-games, skating tips, prizes and more at 7pm in the Searchmont Community Center begin at 1pm that day. Further down, the evening festivities will searchmont ski resorts and live music from Gneaus, K.I.C.K. from 8 to 11, hustle and bustle. Sue St Mary returned to the bus service. Mary can spend $ 12 10 at midnight.


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