Learning The Basics

Learning The BasicsTeaching yourself to mountainboard isn´t too difficult. After all, it is the way a lot of people learn to ride. And as long as you don´t try to take on too much to start with then you shouldn´t get hurt.

If you´ve done any kind of board sport then you should pick up mountainboarding pretty quickly. If on the other hand you never even stepped on a skateboard before, don´t worry as mountainboarding is one of the easiest board sports to learn.

To teach yourself the basics, start here:


You´ll need: helmet. wristguards, elbow pads, knee pads, a mountainboard board, and a grass slope. “Give your board
a quick check over to make sure it´s safe. All the nuts and bolts should be tight, there should be some air in the tyres, and it shouldn´t rattle too much. If you find a problem, check our “How to maintain your board” article for help and advice on fixing your board. And before you go out to ride, check out our safety advice.

Setting up

To set yourself on your board, place your feet in the bindings and position each foot across the board with approximately the same amount of shoe hanging over the edge of the board on both the toe-side and the heel-side. You can then adjust the foot straps to provide a secure fit. You should try to keep your feet perpendicular to the board when tightening the bindings. This way, when the your feet naturally splay as they ride the bindings will hold your feet tightly. If you have heel straps on your board, secure them around your heels to hold your feet into the bindings.

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