Probably Vernon Ease Up On Skateboarding Ban

It goes without saying the fact that you can’t use your skateboard to get around in Vernon if you want to follow the rules. A city bylaw doesn’t allow extreme sport skateboarding on roads or sidewalks. But, city council may be about to ease up on those restrictions.

That would be good news for Vernon skateboarder Sabrina Frulling.

“I think it is kind of silly. I board all the time downtown. It is my main [mode] of transportation. I’m obviously really respectful of people. If it is crowded, I’ll walk,” said Frulling.

“As long as you are being safe I don’t see why you shouldn’t be allowed to board on the sidewalk. [Restricting skateboarding] on the road I can totally understand especially downtown here. It is too crowded with the cars.”

On Monday, city council asked staff to report back on how other cities handle skateboarding.

“I liken it to 25 years ago [when] there was no snowboarding on ski hills. That’s changed and we have to sometimes look at bylaws that we have,” said Vernon’s mayor Akbal Mund.

The staff report is expected back by the next council meeting opening the door for a rule change in the near future.

Currently, Vernon only proactively enforces the skateboarding rules in the downtown core. In the rest of the city, bylaw officers only deal with it if they get a specific complaint.


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