How to spice up your snowboard quiver

Snowboard design evolved. But just because everything has been done (except for superconductor substrates and self-sharpening edges) does not mean that we can not fine-tune recipes in the next millennium, do we?

After all, now that we are in the post-modern stage of skiing, instead of destroying our donkeys trying to create some real primitive ones that might suck, we can relax and have fun mixing the actual past trends. Here are some fresh examples of how to keep branded skiing fresh.

The Surf Collab
Lib Tech Jamie Lynn X Mayhem


Snowboarding as we know it was (arguably) invented in the late 1960’s by a surfer called Wayne Stoveken (Google it) who was fascinated by replicating the feeling he got surfing waves. So, it’s only natural that modern-day powder hounds and barrel pigs get together to make beautiful snow sliding and wave gliding shapes together. And who better to form collaboration than legendary stylemaster Jamie Lynn and equally legendary surfboard shaper Matt Biolos? The result is a chubby little 146cm powder stick featuring Jamie’s trademark artwork, Mayhem’s eye for curves and Lib Tech’s epic construction quality. Definitely one for the Mervin fanboys.

The Eco Warrior
Jones Ultra Mountain Twin


Isn’t wood amazing? We’ve spent the past two centuries developing a wide range of increasingly futuristic materials, but when it comes down to it, whether you’re making a skateboard, a boat, a house or a snowboard, nothing really beats wood. Of course, the very first snowboards were made of wood, and today it’s great to see brands increasingly using wood for core and topsheet materials, both for their excellent strength, flex and vibration damping characteristics, and for their ecological credentials. Jones Snowboards is up there as one of the greenest snowboard brands, and their Ultra Mountain Twin celebrates this ‘wood is good’ philosophy with its Ash Veneer topsheet featuring a gorgeous tree trunk graphic.

The Artist Collab
Salomon Sick Stick / Ride Kink


As we all know, snowboarding has a lot to thank skateboarding for – if it wasn’t for the influx of skaters into the sport in the mid eighties, we’d all be wearing hard boots and racing moguls today – all twelve of us. But skateboarding gave us the tricks, the attitude, and a taste for loud, poppy graphics that have saved us from going the way of the monoski. The least we can do is pay homage to some of the creative geniuses who paved the way. Salomon’s Sick Stick is not only a powder shape to bring the most hardened shredder to tears, it’s got a deliciously simple graphic designed by Geoff Mcfetridge, an artist of the legendary Beautiful Losers school. Meanwhile, Ride teamed up with the less artsy, more scandalous Sean Cliver, one of the guys that gave skateboarders a REALLY bad name back in the day (his x-rated Randy Colvin pro model graphic had to be sold in a black plastic bag), to produce their Kink model. And, if you think that this ‘scouts camp fire’ graphic seems tame… have you seen ‘The Last Supper’?

The Throwback
Gnu Finsanity / Arbor Zygote Twin


You’ve got to hand it to Mike Olson, founder of Gnu and Lib Tech Snowboards: he’s an innovator. The Gnu Finsanity is the ultimate throwback model that takes the shape and metal fins of his original 1984 model and combines it with a modern Magne-traction sidecut and a fancy rocker-camber hybrid flex. You might want to keep the fins well away from hardpack snow, but this baby is worth it’s price tag purely for the totally authentic ‘80’s graphic. Meanwhile, over at Arbor the vibe is also all the way back to the future with their mid ‘80’s-inspired skateboard shape, the Zygote Twin. Which isn’t really a twin at all, but hey, it looks rad as hell, and the graphics are designed by C.R. Stecyk III, the iconic designer, photographer and Dogtown pioneer. How’s that for a collectors item?

The ultra custom powder weapon
Aaron Schwartz X Korua Shapes


Looking for something special, sir? Snowboard, it is worth spending a few days on your wall, not your board bag, possible? Look at this beautiful: Korua custom powder shape for Aaron Schwartz’s hand-drawn graphics. If you’ve ever seen the desire to put (if not, you really should), then you’ll know how good these retro inspirations are for the board to perform in the beautician and the deep stuff. Standard models are unified in a blank finish, giving you the option to keep clean or open a crook and creativity. In addition, the head in the webshop and snapped the last Schwartz one-time.