The Street Urchins Take Skateboarding To Exciting New Lows

The “free” world of the current political climate is undoubtedly a far more rigorous time to discover where happiness is and let them know that everything will be alright. That should be the case, but given hi-jinx and crazy new videos, urchin skate crews do not seem to be tailored by these guys.

Conversely, the collective emergence of natural desperate always have the best time possible regardless of the environment or slippery terrain. So that New York City skateboard magazine and website Jenkem caught the wind group nomadic chaos and had to work with them a series of visual versions.

According to Jenkem, the first part is a compilation of the sea urchins so far the best things, more imaginative and confusing material. Speaking of the eight-minute powerful and characteristic riders-Mike Needle Board, Mike Breitmaier Ben Snawder Daniel Frank, Elijah Anderson, Thomas Delcarpio Josh Baker, Dylan, and too many friends continue to mention this quick-break entry The challenge of the players, the civilians, and the original skateboard were good, bad, and ugly.

All the iconic and alternative sounds of the 1990s rock bands like Jimmy Eat World, Light, and Crazy City. Call it chaos, call this cliche, call it bad, but just do not call it boring. Regardless of the different levels of modern skateboard tastes, the street urchins are clearly listening to some very niche and genius here-skateboarding with no damn care.


Salute to them as new fans undoubtedly await more madness.


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