BMC Organisational Review Group Newsletter: June 2017

The June newsletter from the independent BMC Organisational Review Group, featuring the steps the Review Group has decided upon taking before making any recommendations for changes.

We are now two months into the process of considering whether there should be organisational change within the BMC. If changes have to be made to the organisation, structure, governance and constitution of the BMC then how should we, as an independent review body, approach that problem and what steps should we take before making recommendations?

These are just some of the questions which we have considered and debated in the various meetings we’ve had during the course of the months of May and June. We have also read and considered many examples of other similar sports organisations and looked at the best practice in matters of organisational structure and governance.

We, as a committee, have come to the unanimous conclusion, however, that it would be wholly wrong to embark on any recommendation for change, prior to receiving the feedback from the focus groups and the membership survey. This may lead to some delay but it will be worth waiting for the views of the members, the clubs, those who sit on the National Council and area committees, sub-committees and all those other organisations who interact with the BMC.

Some of the focus meetings have already taken place: one with the executive and the other with members of National Council. Next week Fiona Sanders and I are having the following focus group meetings:

Focus Group Meetings

3 July 2017
2.30pm – Meeting the Patrons and past presidents of the BMC.
7.30pm – Meeting with sub-committee volunteers.

5 July 2017
10.30am – The staff of the BMC

Each of the focus group meetings are tape recorded, so that we have a verbatim record of the views expressed. There will be further focus group meetings throughout July and August with representatives of the clubs and the linked organisations e.g. Mountain Training Trust etc.

The results should tie-in with the receipt of the data from the membership survey, with a view to us making preliminary recommendations in September 2017.

Please try to find the time to fill in the membership survey. We have spent some time and effort, as a committee, to draft the questions contained in the questionnaire and we have employed an independent outside agency to carry out the survey and correlate the data.

This is your chance, as a member of the BMC, to influence the outcome.

Ray Wigglesworth QC

29 July 2017.

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