Now Caribbean Has A New Freediving School

The Dutch Caribbean Island of Saba, one of the region’s top diving locations, is home to the new Saba Freediving School now.

The growing movement of freediving is a form of underwater diving that counted on a divers’ ability to hold his breath until resurfacing, in lieu of relying on the use of a breathing apparatus like scuba gear.

The school is owned and managed by Luis Fonseca, a pioneer of the dive industry in Venezula and professional instructor for more than thirty years.

Fonseca focuses on teaching “zero impact” techniques and philosophies during every program, and aims to make each freediving trip an educational experience. Saba Freediving School is a member of the International Association for the Development of Apnea (AIDA International), the global authority for competitive freediving.

Now Caribbean Has A New Freediving SchoolThe courses at the school are organized in accordance with the association’s four levels, which progress toward reaching advances skill certification, including the safe and effective training of recreational freedivers.

For beginners, the school offers a half-day “Discover Freediving” course, which combines theory and extensive practical work.

At that, divers looking to improve their skills can participate in the “Zen Freediving Course,” which helps students learn stretching relaxation techniques, conscious breathing, and meditation to feel a connection with their environment.