Here will teach you how to train surfing

I was the first to admit surfing the best form of training, however, due to living in Phuket, like surfers around the world, I left for a long time the vagaries of the waves and the long season of flat spells.

My career also works on my land for a long time, so using surfing training to stay in the euro area is an important part of my life. I want to believe my body is surf-strong and i am surfing fitness when reaching the standard paddle Quality surfing plays an important role in the game.

For all my surfing friends who live by the beach – no real dramas – you have access to waves and can go whenever the surf is up. However, for many surfers that option does not exist. Try not surfing or not doing any surf specific training for six months and then paddling out in a decent swell – your heart, arms and shoulders feel like rocks and your mind starts playing tricks on you.

I think you will agree that staying surf-fit is one of the best investments you can do, especially prior to going on a surf trip, and I encourage you to maintain your surfing fitness and flexibility.

I am a big believer in body weight surf training being fundamental to ones surfing fitness. I also believe using your body weight is one of the best ways to live in a healthy athletic body, so during no surf periods I maintain my surfing flexibility with daily yoga classes.

Luckily, where I chose to stay in Bali, Komune Resort & Beach Club at Jalan Pantai Keramas, had morning and afternoon classes so getting in a morning surf and finishing with a good stretch-out or taking the afternoon class to loosen up and paddle out on sunset were excellent options for any level of surfer or fitness enthusiast.

The set up overlooked Keramas reef – with fun punchy waves at three to five feet with some serious power when bigger swells arrived. The surrounding atmosphere was quiet, natural and appeasing to those who appreciate Eco-tourism and healthy living. As a bonus the staff were friendly and offered high tide night surfing for experienced surfers. Highly recommended.

There was also an exceptional Balinese restaurant just down the road if you which was great as I like authentic Balinese food at local prices and wanted to stroll among the surrounding rice paddies.

If that is not for you, simply surf your brains out. As for me, I am back in the land of, ‘no waves’ for a while, so will be dreaming about Bali waves while staying surf strong.

Hayden Rhodes (aka ‘D Man’) is the creator of surfing training Secrets and is known for his enthusiasm and lifelong love of health, fitness, adventure and surfing. He has been helping people improve their human performance while surfing and snowboarding around the world for more then 20 years.

Hayden believes everyone has the ability to improve their lives and promotes health as much as he promotes fitness. He continues to study, surf and snowboard around the world and looks forward to helping you and your surfing body.